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Immaculate Window & Gutter Cleaning is an ecologically responsible, recognized, professional window cleaning and gutter cleaning service for both homes and businesses in Seattle and Ellensburg. We are fully licensed and insured. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Immaculate Window & Gutter Cleaning maintains a high standard of quality for a variety of customer situations including residential cleaning, restaurant and store-front accounts, realty transactions and post-construction clean-up. We work in a safe and courteous manner that is respectful of you and your property.

We will happily provide you with a free estimate upon request. To insure the accuracy of our estimates we do all our estimates on site.

We will be sure to contact you prior to performing the estimate. (Note: Some people prefer to set appointments and/or to be present during the estimate.) We will work to accommodate your schedule.
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"I've been impressed with your efforts to protect the environment... Specifically using bio-degradable cleaning solutions."

Ann Peacock
Envirostars Program
Environmental Investigator

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